About 60+

My name is Matthew and I am the owner of 60 plus. I have been working in the  computer industry for many years now, and I came up with an idea        

of having a technology support business aimed at a segment of the population (people 60 years of age and up) who may just be starting with their first

computer or device and would like to strengthen their existing skills. Although I have over a decade years before I turn 60 years old, I have

always felt particularly comfortable working with seniors. As a matter of fact, before I began 60 plus computing, a had many successful experiences

assisting seniors with computers in other job positions. 60 plus is a member of the Silicon Halton group.  They are a network of many businesses and 

people who work, live, and support the Halton region's computing and information technology industry. If you are 

interested you may view their website: www.siliconhalton.com