Kay Goodwin - Loyal 60 plus computing customer

"Over the last several years Matthew from 60 plus computing has helped me on many

occasions with a variety of computer issues. He has always been knowledgeable and

thorough. Matthew has the rare and important quality of being able to patiently explain

complex matters in a way that is easy for an everyday person to understand. I feel fortunate

to have Matthew to turn to for help with every kind of computer problem I encounter."

Chris Herbert - CMO at Mi6, co-founder at Silicon Halton

“I hired Mathew from 60 Plus Computing to service a work laptop which

had a nasty virus on it. The bottom line is he got rid of the virus and improved

the performance of the laptop. He personally came to to pick up the laptop,

fixed it in the promised timeframe and hand delivered it to our office.

Great service with a great result.”

Christopher Psutka - Specialist, Global Business Development/

Owner at Psutka International

“I keep returning to Matthew for my company's IT help not because he is my

brother but because of his fantastic analytical skills, knowledge of networks

and operating systems, and ability to explain complex IT issues in a language

that anyone can understand. I have never had a network/virus problem

that he could not solve.”

Ryan Gamble - co-founder at thinCanvas

“Matthew was a true professional, his services were reasonable priced and

he did a thorough job. We have hired him on two occasions and have been

extremely satisfied each time. I would be happy to recommend 60 plus

computing to anyone in the Halton area who needs PC technical help solutions.”

Brenda Potter Phelan - founder of Silver Compass

"Matthew at 60 plus computing was successful with fixing my wireless networking