One of the benefits of using 60 plus computing for help is that

if you are a regular customer, you will be charged less. The reason

being is that you are a loyal customer, and while all customers will

be treated with excellent care, if you have more than two help

sessions the third time you need some support your rates will

be reduced from then onward!

Another benefit is that if you have an appointment,

a diagnostic of your problem will be made and a price

estimate for the solution will be given to you on the spot.

There is no charge for this diagnosis, billing will only

commence if you give 60 plus permission to start working

on the solution.

A very important benefit is that as a 60 plus computing customer

you will be treated with respect and patience. Even if you know

almost nothing about how computers or other devices work,

everyone is a novice at something at some point. With clear

explanations for problems and appointments where you can

learn at your own pace, you will certainly feel relaxed!